Patriot Mobile helps Eastern European Mission give thousands of free Bibles to school children

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by Aaron Rocha
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By: Ellie Tradup, Marketing Coordinator

The modern-day workplace can be considerably unwelcoming to a young, conservative Christian. In a world that has excused God, where violence is the chosen answer, and where the loudest voice is right…it’s more challenging than ever to hold firmly to one’s beliefs. Yet, as a young, conservative Christian, it’s a joy to work at Patriot Mobile – a company which donates to organizations that support conservative and Christian values, one of them being Eastern European Mission (EEM.)


In 2010, when Glenn Story, founder of Patriot Mobile, moved to Texas, he and his family placed  membership at Grapevine Church of Christ (GCC), in Grapevine, TX. Little did he know that the relationships he would build through GCC would allow him to support his faith in business.


When they first placed membership, his wife, Jenny, taught Sunday school with Joan Burckle, wife of Bob Burckle, who at the time was serving as a board member at EEM.   Bob served for over 20 years on the board and now currently serves as President of EEM. It was also during this time that Glenn began a church friendship with Ron Montgomery, who has decades of experience in running telecommunications divisions and now serves as an elder at GCC. Fast forward ten years and Ron is the CEO of Patriot Mobile, and this year, Patriot Mobile added EEM as one of its supported causes.  In fact, this past July, Patriot Mobile contributed, and through a matching campaign, raised $45,000 which allowed EEM to place 9,000 Bibles into the hands of children in Eastern Europe. 


It’s incredible to see how following God’s will can drastically change lives. If Glenn and his family hadn’t moved to Texas, Patriot Mobile would likely not be partnered with EEM in support of the incredible work they do.


Since 1961, EEM has been providing Bibles to the people in Eastern European countries in their native languages. What began as a perilous leap of faith through the Iron Curtain by a small but brave group of missionaries, gradually unveiled itself to be part of God’s amazing plan to provide Bibles and Bible-based materials in over 20 languages to 30 nations —all free of charge.

For each of the last 3 years, EEM has averaged distribution of over one million Bibles and biblical literature per year.  To put that in perspective, each year it would take over 10 miles of bookshelf space to hold all this literature.  Even now in the midst of the COVID pandemic, more requests continue to pour in for God’s Word.  The result is that EEM had its largest ever distribution of literature in the second quarter of 2020 compared to previous years.  This work continues to be transformational both for individuals and nations.



Can you imagine the impact that is having on our World? Not only are the people receiving the Bibles getting the joy of Christ, but that passes onto their family and friends. The story of G.W. and Tricia is just ONE powerful testimony of how God is using EEM to make His name heard.


G.W. and Tricia were dating each other and seriously considering marriage. They had each been previously married and had lost their spouse. G.W. wanted Tricia to become a follower of Jesus but she wasn't interested in being told what to believe. So, knowing she liked to read, G.W. gave her a Bible from EEM. She read it and became a Christian. She said, “If it had been G.W. telling me the truths I was reading from the Bible, I wouldn’t have believed him.” After her conversion, Tricia’s brother Leonard was convicted of a crime and sent to prison.  Tricia said, “I knew my brother would have plenty of time to read, so I gave him a Bible.” While in prison, Leonard became a Christian, too! He's been out of prison for several years now and is still following Christ.


When G.W. received his Bible, it went farther than his own life and farther than Tricia’s life. I am grateful to work for a company that supports stories like this one. For more information about these organizations or to donate, go to:
Eastern European Mission  

Patriot Mobile


About Patriot Mobile –

What makes Patriot Mobile different is our exceptional customer satisfaction. People are attracted to us because we listen to your needs and we share the same values. Members stay with us because, as America’s only Christian Conservative Wireless Service Provider, we are humbled to have achieved the highest customer satisfaction among all wireless companies. And, now, with the broadest coverage of any provider on dependable, nation-wide 4G LTE networks, it’s hard to remember our humble beginnings with just two guys, one dog, and a passion to serve. Of course, all our plans include unlimited talk and data, and we provide high value, commitment-free plans to fit any budget - and you will really enjoy speaking with our exceptional U.S. based sales and support team. Our commitment is that Patriot Mobile wireless service works perfectly and seamlessly as you go about your lives – and while you’re out and about, we are donating a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations fighting for religious freedom, 1st and 2nd Amendments, Sanctity of Life and the needs of Veterans and first responders.