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Introducing patriot mobile Global™

Our commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions has driven us to develop best of breed international
wireless solutions for our customers. So, whether you're exploring new countries or simply keeping in touch
with loved ones around the world, Patriot Mobile Global ensures you stay connected!

Stay Connected Wherever You Are!

America DayPass
  • For $12 a day, take your unlimited talk, text, and data plan with you when you travel. Available in 125 Countries and Destinations. on our America Network.

Patriot passport
  • Travel with our Patriot Network. 300 talk minutes, 500 text messages, and 1GB of data for 30 days. Plans range from $25-$100 depending on the Country and Destination.

Connect with ZIM™
  • Patriot Mobile has partnered with ZIM Connections. With available ZIM data plans, you can easily use your mobile device as a hotspot to connect to the internet in more than 120 countries around the world. Using your smartphone, Click here to download the FREE ZIM app.

Smart Device Connect
  • ZIM is a low cost solution that provides data connections utilizing your smartphone. Ready to revolutionize your travel connectivity? Download the free ZIM app today, and pay only when you use it abroad. Get ahead of the game and avoid hefty roaming charges with ZIM!

America Daypass

Take the stress out of remembering to call to add a DayPass to your plan before you travel. For only $2 a month, you can have your DayPass active at all times.

Patriot Passport

To activate your Patriot Network international plan, please call Member Service at 972-PATRIOT (972-728-7468) before you travel. Patriot Passport plans are active for a minimum of 30 days, with pricing ranging from $25-$100, depending on the country you are visiting.

Explore the World with ZIM – Your International Travel Companion

ZIM Activation Guide.

ZIM offers country and region-specific plans tailored to your travel needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to update your plan while abroad, you can call us at +1 972 PATRIOT and select option 2, provided you have access to another phone or you able to connect to a public WiFi. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]. Ideally, you should inform Member Services of your travel plans before you depart. If you are able to connect to public wifi, be sure to enable WiFi calling on your device. In a worst-case scenario, if you cannot connect, consider purchasing a prepaid mobile phone or SIM card with a local number to ensure you have access to emergency communication services.

Patriot Mobile Global's international plans vary depending on your current network, existing mobile plan, and the countries you plan to visit. You can customize your plan by contacting member service before you travel.

To activate international services, call our member service team. They can assist with activating services that match the network requirements of your destination country and align with your current plan.

Charges for international calls and data depend on the country you are visiting and the specific international plan you choose. Because Patriot Mobile has access to all 3 of the main US-based networks and there are different plans for every country, we require that members contact members' services to add this service to their plans. Member services can be reached at 972-PATRIOT (972-728-7468)

The America DayPass plan allows you to use your regular data plan while traveling. For example, if your current plan in the US is a 40GB plan, you'll have all 40GB of data while traveling. Be sure to activate this plan before you travel or pay $2 per month to keep it active at all times. Call 972-PATRIOT (972-728-7468)

First, verify that international roaming is enabled and that your device is compatible with the networks in your travel destination. If you experience issues, contact Patriot Mobile’s customer service, +1 972 PATRIOT (972-728-7468), for support or consider obtaining a local SIM card if you are staying longer.

To manage costs effectively, purchase an international roaming package that best fits your needs. Use Wi-Fi wherever possible and turn off data roaming unless necessary. Monitor data usage to stay within your plan limits and track your expenses.

The Patriot Passport plan has a total of 1GB of data with no ability to add additional data during the 30 days. This plan is primarily for talk and text while traveling.


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