March For Life Written by Elizabeth Lively, Guest Contributor

Posted on February 3, 2020

by Patriot Mobile


We stand pressed against strangers, cold wind in our faces, feet aching, eyes straining to see over the sea of people, waiting. Tens of thousands assemble slowly, some chanting and waving signs, others counting children and trying not to lose one another in the clamoring crowd. Finally, the flood of people begins to come together: grade-schoolers shouting, old couples holding hands, single moms walking with daughters, priests singing hymns, families pushing strollers, nuns praying, college students yelling and cheering; we all begin walking. For hours, we move forward, step by step, together, a celebration of life by the ranks gathered to defend it.

Why did we march? We marched because we have hope; we see beauty in every human face, and we rejoice in it. We marched because we believe that every human person, no matter how small or unloved or unwanted, deserves a chance to change the world. We are religious, atheist, single, married, young, old; but we all came together that day because we believe in the innate goodness of human life and the right of every person to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We marched because we believe that every woman ought to be able to raise her children without fear and without judgment. We marched because we hope and pray and believe that our country can embrace life and grow in beauty and unity. We marched for life.

Elizabeth is the daughter of a very proud father who has worked for Patriot Mobile for 3 years.

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