Double your coverage with multiple networks on one phone

Maximize savings with Patriot Mobile’s multiline plans. Whether you’re a growing family, business owner, or a cross country traveler, we have tailored solutions that fit your needs. Save up to 15% on all our multiline accounts!

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Explore Patriot Mobile’s wide selection of phones.

Bring your own

Love your existing phone? Bring it on over to Patriot Mobile!

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Who will love adding a line?

Growing Family, Growing Needs

As your family grows, so do your connectivity requirements. Give your family the freedom to stay connected.

Business Users

Separate your business and personal calls effortlessly with an additional line to your existing phone. With eSim, enjoy reliable coverage with two lines on your phone, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.

Cross Country Travelers

For families who love to hit the open road, add a Patriot Puck hotspot or Patriot Router. We ensure everyone stays connected, even in the most remote locations, all while benefiting from our multiline discount! Check out our Patriot Mobile Connect page for our latest offerings.

Multi-Device Users

Add a tablet, smartphone, or Patriot Mobile Connect device to your existing account. As your wireless needs grow for your family, business or leisure, Patriot Mobile’s got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like a family plan, a multiline account with Patriot Mobile allows you to add multiple lines to a single account, making it convenient to manage multiple devices and phone numbers under one plan,

You can add an unlimited number of lines to your Patriot Mobile account, catering to the needs of families, small businesses, and individuals with multiple devices. Patriot Mobile Connect devices (Patriot Puck and Patriot Router) can also be included in your account.

Patriot Mobile offers 10% off for 2 lines and 15% off for 3 or more lines on your account.

Yes, Patriot Mobile allows you to customize plans for each line on your account, ensuring that each user gets the right amount of data, talk time, and text messages they need. Just log in to your MyAccount portal to set the data plan of each line.

Yes, you can add a variety of devices to your Patriot Mobile multiline account, including tablets, smartwatches, and even mobile hotspots and routers, ensuring that all your connected devices are covered under one account.

Managing your multiline account with Patriot Mobile is easy. Simply log in to your MyAccount portal to view usage, change plans, and add or remove lines with just a few clicks.

You can add a line to your account with a different phone and phone number, resulting in one line per phone. With an eSIM-capable phone, you can add a second line to your phone, resulting in two lines on one phone. You still qualify for our multiline discount, but you only need one phone.

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