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“Patriot Mobile supports the traditional values that are the foundation of our nation. They provide needed funds to charities that promote the sanctity of life, religious freedom, and free speech. “

Why subscribe to Patriot Mobile?

When you become a Patriot Mobile member, your dollars are helping to fund our God-given right to freedom. A portion of every dollar we earn is given back to the causes that support organizations that fight for First Amendment Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, Sanctity of Life, and the needs of our Veterans and First Responders.

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Since its founding in 1993, NIFLA’s timeless motto has been “Protecting pregnancy centers so all mothers might choose life!”


NIFLA provides national pro-life leadership and critical support to an ever-growing network of over 1,700 member centers by developing legal and medical “best practices” for local pro-life centers. At its core, NIFLA’s mission is to build the cause and culture of life across America by standing up for these centers serving women in their local communities.

NIFLA also provides legal defense for pregnancy centers so their life-saving work can continue uninterrupted. NIFLA’s legal work also protects its member centers from litigation and excessive government regulation in order to ensure every woman who walks into a NIFLA center has the opportunity to choose life for her unborn child.

And by offering “boots on the ground” training for pregnancy center staff, NIFLA also provides essential medical support including powerful programs such as ultrasound training for nurses, physician courses, and clinic management for center CEO’s and board members. In addition, NIFLA seeks to help every non-medical pro-life center take the necessary steps to obtain official medical clinic status, solidifying the legitimacy of life-affirming centers in every community.


Patriot Mobile is America’s only Christian, conservative wireless provider.

We offer broad coverage on dependable, nationwide 4G or 5G networks and exceptional 100% U.S.-based customer support, while relentlessly fighting for pro-life values.


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