Congratulations Your Phone is Activated

Follow the easy steps below to complete your Patriot Mobile Phone set up:

Make sure your Patriot Mobile phone is fully charged.

Turn on your Patriot Mobile phone and follow the onscreen prompts to congure your device. If your phone is not a smart phone, proceed to the next step
After completing your phone’s setup, DIAL 877-367-7524. You will hear, “Thank you for calling Patriot Mobile. Press 1 to activate your phone."
Press 1 and your Patriot Mobile phone will activate or give you further instructions.

Your phone has not been activated if you hear, “You have experienced an activation issue with your phone. We are transferring you to Patriot Mobile Member Services at (877) 367-7524.”

You are Now Connected to the Patriot Mobile Network!

Member Services
Phone: 877-367-7524
Working hours: M-F 8am-8:30pm CST, Sat. 9am-6pm CST, Closed Sunday