Patriot Mobile Sponsors TPUSA’s 2024 Young Women’s Leadership Summit in San Antonio

June 7-9 – This past weekend, Patriot Mobile sponsored the 2024 Young Women’s Leadership Summit, hosted by Turning Point USA in San Antonio, Texas. This event, the largest gathering of conservative women in America, attracted over 2,500 attendees eager to hear from influential conservative speakers and connect with like-minded women dedicated to making a positive impact on our nation. 

Patriot Mobile is committed to supporting and empowering conservative young women to become influential leaders in the cultural and political arenas. 

The summit kicked off with Alex Clark delivering an empowering message that resonated deeply with the attendees. “If we’re going to win the culture war, we have to start at home!” she declared, launching a series of sessions that would continue to uplift and motivate. The first day featured remarkable speeches from TPUSA Founder and President Charlie Kirk, RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump, and conservative commentators Megyn Kelly and Candace Owens. 

Charlie Kirk
Alex Clark
Lara Trump
Megyn Kelly
Candace Owens

On the second day, our Chief Communications Officer, Leigh Wambsganss, took to the stage to inspire and encourage the women. “Women are especially under attack – they want to cancel you in more ways than one – and taking your identity is their number one tool,” said Wambsganss. “You are the future of America and people seeing your strength, seeing one person stand up and they will stand up behind you!”  

Wambsganss also highlighted the value of voting with our dollars to support businesses aligned with our values, especially as women. “When you grow up and you are with your families and are making your business decisions, it is really important that we stop feeding the enemy,” she said. As women make most household purchasing decisions, their choice to support patriotic companies can significantly impact America’s future. Her message was a powerful reminder of the value informed and active women can have on society. 

Leigh Wambsganss

The second day continued featuring powerful talks from Alina Habba, Riley Gaines, Leigh-Allen Baker and many other conservative women leaders. The discussions covered a range of topics, from standing up for your personal values to being well-informed about women’s health issues, encouraging attendees to think deeply and confidently live out their conservative values in an increasingly hostile cultural environment. 

Alina Habba
Riley Gaines
Erica Komisar

Patriot Mobile’s booth was a hub of excitement throughout the event, engaging with hundreds of passionate young women. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who visited our booth and shared their stories with us. 

The 2024 Young Women’s Leadership Summit attendees left energized and ready to make a difference in their communities. Patriot Mobile is honored to support such an uplifting event and stand with conservative women across the nation. 

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