Patriot Mobile Sponsors Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention

June 14-16 – Patriot Mobile recently sponsored the 2024 People’s Convention, hosted by Turning Point Action in Detroit, Michigan. This event, one of the most significant gatherings of conservative activists in America, drew over 15,000 attendees eager to hear from prominent conservative leaders and engage with like-minded patriots committed to making a difference in America. 

Patriot Mobile is steadfast in its commitment to supporting and empowering conservative voices. This convention was a testament to the power of grassroots activism and the importance of aligning our spending with our values. 

The convention kicked off with high energy, featuring speeches from influential figures such as Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk, former President Donald Trump, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. These speakers set the tone for a weekend filled with motivational sessions and strategic discussions aimed at equipping attendees with the tools needed to influence their communities and the upcoming election. 

President Donald Trump
Vivek Ramaswamy
Donald Trump Jr.
Candace Owens

On the second day, our Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Coburn, took the stage to deliver an impactful message. “Elections have consequences and so does the way we spend our money and the companies we choose to support,” Coburn stated. He encouraged attendees to live out their conservatism not just in the voting booth but also through their daily purchasing decisions. “When you choose to do business with companies that align with your values, you are supporting the fight for the future of our country,” said Coburn. 

Coburn’s message resonated deeply with the audience, highlighting the significant role that informed consumers play in shaping America’s economic landscape. He urged everyone to consider the impact of their financial choices and to support businesses that uphold their values and defend their freedoms. 

Scott Coburn

The convention continued to build momentum with speeches from other notable conservative leaders, including Dr. Ben Carson and other key figures in the movement. These talks covered a wide array of topics, from defending personal values to grassroot strategies aimed at increasing voter turnout, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate and influence today’s cultural and political environment. 

Dr. Ben Carson
Mike Lindell
Brandon Tatum
Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz
Benny Johnson

Throughout the event, Patriot Mobile’s booth was a hub of activity, engaging with hundreds of passionate conservatives. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who visited our booth, shared their stories, and showed their support. 

The 2024 People’s Convention energized the attendees to make a difference in their communities. Patriot Mobile is honored to support such an impactful event and stands committed to empowering conservative voices across the nation. 

Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the success of this convention. Let’s continue to champion conservative values and create meaningful change in our society. 

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