The Swap Club

Patriot Mobile’s preferred vender, The Swap Club delivers high-quality pre-owned iPhones at the best prices while finding a home for your old iPhone.

Enter discount code PATRIOTSWAP at checkout and receive $20 off your swap.

3 simple steps and you’ll have a better iPhone! 


Choose your device


Receive your device


Return your old device

What happens next?

Hint: It’s simple

1. Receive your device

Choose your desired swap. Then, select the iPhone you will be sending back to us to determine your swap price. Checkout & receive your upgraded iPhone within 3-5 business days.


2. Configure new device

We ship you the upgraded device first. After delivery, you will have 5 business days to configure your new device following the instructions provided in your swap box.


3. Send back old device

Send back your old device using the prepaid materials provided. Don’t forget to remove Find My iPhone so The Swap Club can find your old device a new home!

Certified Pre-Owned

All Swap Club iPhones go through a thorough certification process ensuring that you receive the highest quality pre-owned devices.

Certified Pre-Owned

The Swap Club in the News!


How it all works

June 24, 2022
What does this decision mean?Abortion is not abolished. The overturning of the unconstitutional 1973 Roe v Wade decision means the issue of legal abortion is sent back to the states for each state to decide individually.Currently thirteen states have “trigger laws” meaning abortion will almost immediately be banned with today’s...
June 2, 2022
In Houston, Texas last week, the Patriot Mobile team joined an estimated 61,000 attendees at the biggest Second Amendment meeting in the country. Notable speakers included President Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Kristi Noem, and Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears. At the Patriot Mobile booth, we had the opportunity to...
May 22, 2022
Since our founding, Patriot Mobile has dedicated our company to supporting our military, veterans and first responders. How do we do that? We volunteer our time, and we donate a portion of every dollar we earn to organizations that support them.Without a doubt, America has the best military in the...

How it all works