Virtual SIM Hotspot and Routers

Have your own private, secure and portable Wi-Fi connection wherever you go. Wireless Routers and Hotspots that use patented vSIM technology to seamlessly connect to local mobile networks. No SIM cards or tedious configuration needed.

One Device , One Plan, Multiple Carriers, No Contract

Automatically connect to the strongest signal among all major carriers.


Wi-Fi anywhere

Reliable remote coverage anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Affordable Data Plans

Offering a variety of monthly data plans from 2GB to 1000GB. Global plans also available.


Secure Virtual SIM

Automatically connects to the strongest available signal among all major carriers – no SIM needed.


No Commitment

No contract, prepaid plans. Pay on a monthly basis, cancel anytime.

Connect to all your favorite streaming services and sites.

vSIM Router and Hotspot offer high-speed data plans to accommodate your specific travel needs. It’s not every day you get to bring with you live TV, movies, music, and more.

All Devices

Data Plans

All plans are Pay As You Go with no contracts or commitments.

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How it all works


How it all works

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