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At SaferNet, we believe that everyone has the right to choose how they connect to their digital world without putting their personal habits and information at risk, so they can live the life they hope for with complete freedom and security.

“We are thrilled to announce that SaferNet, a pioneering cybersecurity firm, is now an esteemed affiliate of Patriot Mobile. Sharing a commitment to safeguarding our cherished values, SaferNet extends its state-of-the-art 3 in 1 cybersecurity VPN protection to our community, ensuring not just secure communications but the preservation of our freedoms in the digital realm. Together, we stand at the forefront of defending privacy, combating cyber threats, and supporting the pillars that keep America strong. This partnership is more than a synergy of services; it’s a union of missions, where securing our networks meets defending our liberties.”

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Patriot Mobile, is America’s only Christian conservative wireless service provider that supports Christian conservative causes. Patriot Mobile offers unlimited talk and text in every plan, and US-based customer support. In 2022, Patriot Mobile donated over $2 million to support Christian conservative causes, highlighting its commitment to leveraging cell phone usage for promoting shared values and making a significant impact.

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Why Choose Patriot Mobile?
We Are America’s Only Christian Conservative Wireless Provider.
Unlimited Talk & Text
Stay connected to all of your loved ones with unlimited talk and text!
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Our 100% US based professionals are here to answer all of your needs!
Coverage Guarantee
With all THREE of the major carriers our coverage is Nationwide Gauranteed!
Support Your Values
We give a portion of every bill to support our God-Given Constitutional Rights!

Join Patriot Mobile and support our 4 pillars

Freedom of Speech

Patriot Mobile champions the First Amendment by actively promoting freedom of speech and religion, ensuring your right to express and live by your beliefs is protected.

Defend 2a

Through donations and advocacy, we stand firm in our Second Amendment rights, supporting the fundamental right to bear arms for defense and liberty.


Our unwavering commitment to the sanctity of life is evident as we support organizations and initiatives that advocate for the right to life from conception.

First Responders

Patriot Mobile supports military and first responders by backing organizations and programs that provide them with the respect, resources, and recognition they deserve, embodying our gratitude for their service and sacrifice.

Use Promo code: SAFERNET now
and get FREE activation!

Call (817)380-9081

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Call (817)380-9081

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