LifeWise Academy: Bringing Bible Education to Public School Children

On July 25-26, Patriot Mobile proudly sponsored LifeWise Academy’s summit in Columbus, OH. Hundreds of teachers from around the nation gathered to learn how to bring back biblical education to students in public schools during school hours.

Founded in 2019, LifeWise Academy provides educators with a program that gives students the opportunity to learn God’s word as part of their school day. The LifeWise program is not a comparative religions course. Instead, it teaches the fundamental message of the gospel: who Jesus is, what He did for us, and how He changes hearts, lives, families and eternal souls.

Since 1963 when the Bible was taken out of public schools, bible literacy, church attendance, and professions of faith have declined dramatically amongst our youth. During the same time, depression, anxiety, and suicide have skyrocketed. Imagine if public school children had the chance to hear the good news of the gospel and learn the life-giving Word of God at school. What a difference that would make in the life of our nation!

The first question most people ask is, is this legal? Yes! The practice of “released time religious instruction” was upheld by the Supreme Court as long as the lessons are voluntary, off-campus, and privately funded. Although legal in every state, the Church remains unaware of it. What a missed evangelistic opportunity!

“We were so excited when we were introduced to LifeWise and learned about its remarkable program,” said Jenny Story, Patriot Mobile’s Chief Operations Officer. “So many churches today see what’s going on with the youth in this country and wonder, ‘How can we reach the next generation?’ LifeWise is an answer to prayer. Anyone with a passion for the Bible can implement this.”

Several Patriot Mobile employees traveled to the summit, joining educators from across America to worship together and learn how to bring the program to their local communities.

Since its launch, the LifeWise program has found tremendous success in both rural and urban areas. Because the elective classes are during school hours, participation in schools often exceeds 70% of eligible students. “We are running five classes a day, five days per week, and nearly 800 students are hearing the gospel every week!” said Phil, a LifeWise Defiance Program Director in Ohio.

“As a former Columbus City Schools educator, I know LifeWise is creating a life-changing opportunity in the lives of so many of our students,” said Vince, a LifeWise CityWide Director.

“What we love about LifeWise is that it provides a “plug n play” model with all the curriculum and resources needed for believers to start a chapter wherever they’re at in the country,” said Glenn Story, Patriot Mobile’s CEO. The organization has an ambitious goal of serving 1,000 schools in the next five years and continuing beyond that until every public school student in America has the chance to receive a Biblical education.

As a Christian conservative company, Patriot Mobile proudly partners with LifeWise to bring God back to public school students and get the word out about this incredible organization. We highly recommend you learn more about LifeWise Academy, spread the word, and prayerfully consider starting a LifeWise chapter in your local community.

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