Our Story

Patriot Mobile is America’s ONLY Christian conservative wireless provider. Since 2013, Patriot Mobile has given Americans a conservative alternative for their cell service by providing dependable nationwide coverage on 4G or 5G networks and exceptional U.S.-based customer support. Patriot Mobile gives a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations that align with our Four Pillars of Giving:

  • First Amendment
  • Second Amendment
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Military, Veterans, and First Responder Heroes

Our vision

Connecting Patriots to improve life in America.

Our Mission

Our mission is to passionately defend our God-given, constitutional rights and freedoms, and to glorify God always.

Our Values

As a Christian company, we believe God has called us to lead Patriot Mobile according to five foundational values.

  1. Integrity is the value of being honest and having strong moral principles, no matter the outcome.
  2. Inspiration is the value of causing one to act on their internal desire to work towards a similar mission or goal. In all that we do, we do it to glorify God.
  3. Servanthood is the value of placing others before you through service with a happy heart.
  4. Courage is the value of having strength in times of pain, grief, fear, or conflict.
  5. Stewardship is the value of being the caretaker of God’s kingdom, using the gifts He has provided us in our service to one another.

Join Us

More than ever, Americans are waking up to the fact that voting at the ballot box is not enough. Increasingly, major businesses are using faith to censor and cancel Americans. 

It’s time to stop funding corporations that hate us and our values. It’s time to vote with our dollars and support companies that align with our American values. When you become a Patriot Mobile member, you are joining the fight and helping to fund organizations that defend your God-given constitutional rights and freedoms! Join us and get started today!

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