Our Open Border Is Enabling Human Trafficking

Today is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons. Today, we remember, acknowledge, and pray for those who are caught in the evil of human trafficking and pray for the criminals to be met with the full force of the law.

Did you know that there are more people in slavery today than at any other time in history? While some people choose to point to America’s past to condemn slavery, it is happening on a much larger scale at this very moment all around the world. In fact, 25 million people globally are victims of trafficking, according to the State Department. Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry. The victims are men, women, and children who are subjected to forced labor and/or forced commercial sex. Unfortunately, there have been reports of child sex trafficking in all 50 states.

At Patriot Mobile, we are dedicated to fighting for the sanctity of life and protecting children. It saddens us that too many victims of human trafficking today are children.

If we care about innocent children being trafficked, perhaps we should ask whether our nation’s laws and policies are deterring this evil, or enabling it.

Since President Joe Biden took office, our borders have been flung open. In June of 2022 alone, border patrol agents apprehended nearly 192,000 migrants who illegally crossed the southern border from Mexico.

Those are just the ones who got caught. Thousands of migrants successfully sneak into America without being caught every month, free to enter any community or city. As a result, every town in America has become a border town.

Governor Greg Abbott's 'border'
Section of Trump's border wall
Rio Grande Valley

Biden’s open border policy has created a dangerous environment for Americans living on the border. This trek has also become deadly for too many migrants. On June 27th, 53 migrants died inside a locked tractor-trailer in San Antonio.

Not only has this created a major humanitarian problem at our Southern border but this has enabled some of the most evil people on earth to traffic innocent victims into the U.S. interior.

Fox News host Lara Logan reported on how Biden’s immigration policy is enabling cartels to escalate their business. “This has become such a lucrative business for them that they have figured out how to streamline it,” she said. “How to reduce conflict between different factions of the cartels, but most importantly how to make sure that they are in control of every single aspect of it including every single person, every child, and every baby.”

“When the border is wide open the way it is right now, when the legal immigration system in this country is completely obliterated by the policies, of the administration and the people in power, what that does more than anything is empower the most violent and powerful and dangerous criminal organizations on the face of the Earth,” Logan reported.

This isn’t just a story we read on the news. Last November, a team of Patriot Mobile employees went down to the Rio Grande Valley to see what was happening with their own eyes. We had heard from our sources that the sheriff’s departments on the border were in dire need of basic equipment and supplies. They were underfunded and ill-equipped to do their job of protecting the residents in the border towns.

Scott Coburn, CMO of Patriot Mobile, led the team with an RV full of equipment and supplies – printers, drones, tires, food, and basic supplies were donated to four sheriff’s departments.

Patriot Mobile travels to border to deliver equipment to sheriff's departments

The Patriot Mobile team also had the opportunity to tour several properties in the Rio Grande Valley and talk to the landowners about what they had experienced. One of the landowners, a woman, told us how she found four naked children on her property one morning, without an accompanying parent or adult and without food or water. Thankfully, she was able to alert officials who came and took the children to a safe place.

Our employees also saw evidence of children possibly being trafficked and used in the worst way on this property. At one site, they found piles of children’s clothes and used contraceptives left behind. “It doesn’t take a genius to put together what was happening to these kids,” Philip Holsworth, a Patriot Mobile employee, said. “I hate to say it, but these people are animals. I have two daughters – six and eight. I can’t imagine that happening to them. It was really tough seeing that.”

Section of Governor Greg Abbott's wall

“We need to bring awareness of what’s going on at the border,” Jenny Story, COO of Patriot Mobile, said. “Patriot Mobile will be going back this fall to bring more necessary supplies to our first responders. It’s atrocious that our government is deliberately putting residents on the border in danger of the activity of criminal cartels, inviting migrants to make this dangerous journey, and enabling human traffickers to bring their victims into our country.”

On this day and every day, let’s remember to pray for God’s justice to be done and for God to set the captives free from the evil of modern-day slavery. Let’s take action by making our voices heard and voting for the right people who will protect our borders so that our government will no longer enable the work of the enemy.

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