Patriot Mobile Customer Service Expands in Texas

Patriot Mobile Customer Service

Since our founding in 2013, Patriot Mobile has given Americans an alternative to Big Mobile and the progressive agenda they fund and support. As a mission-driven company, Patriot Mobile donates a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations that fight for our God-given Constitutional rights and freedoms.  

Patriot Mobile’s growth is a blessing from God

As America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider, we’re not shy about proclaiming God is at the helm of our company. While initially it wasn’t a business decision to publicly put God first, since doing so, He has blessed our business tremendously.  

“It’s amazing what God can do when you put him first,” Co-founder and CEO, Glenn Story, said. “God has just continued to bless us, and we boldly stand out in front and say we’re a Christian conservative organization.” 

CEO Glenn Story at CPAC 2022
Glenn Story, Patriot Mobile CEO, at CPAC 2022

In fact, for the past two years, Patriot Mobile has doubled our subscriber base and we’re on track to do the same in 2022. We are amazed at what God has done with the seeds we’ve sown this year. 

Early 2022, a group of Patriot Mobile executives formed a separate entity to further expand Christian conservative influence in the political realm. Patriot Mobile Action (PMA) launched its first campaign taking on eleven school board races. All eleven PMA endorsed school board candidates won their races, resulting in over 100,000 north Texas public school students having conservative majority school boards! Now Patriot Mobile Action is focusing on the midterms and working hard to save Texas from the attempted leftist takeover.

This year, Patriot Mobile launched our “In God We Trust” poster campaign, donating more than 1,500 beautiful, framed posters displaying our national motto to local schools all over Texas. Many news outlets on the right and left began covering Patriot Mobile and PMA’s impact, catapulting Patriot Mobile into the national spotlight. This month, The New York Times, published a lengthy piece on Patriot Mobile, titled, “How a Christian Cellphone Company Became a Rising Force in Texas Politics.”

While many left-leaning outlets sought to demonize Patriot Mobile, it has only had the opposite effect on our sales numbers. In fact, in August of this year, we had the best month ever in the number of new subscribers! 

We value every member who joins the Patriot Mobile family and trusts us to provide their wireless service. With this exponential growth in the last few years, the Patriot Mobile team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes on expanding our company and enhancing our existing business.  

New Patriot Mobile customer service center opens in East Texas

Patriot Mobile is proud to announce the opening of a new service center in Tyler, Texas. “Because we put God first at Patriot Mobile, we have been blessed with the doubling of our business in each of the past three years,” CEO Glenn Story said. “Tyler is just the place to add staff given the quality of people and their alignment with our Christian conservative values.” 

“All of our employees are in the United States and we are committed to providing American jobs to American patriots,” VP of Public Affairs Leigh Wambsganss said. “We are looking for conservatives who want to work for a company that aligns with their values.” 

Unlike many organizations in America today, at Patriot Mobile, we will never stop our employees from bringing their Bibles to work, praying, or sharing the gospel, even when on the phone with our members. In fact, we love to see it.  

We are actively seeking fellow patriots for member service and technical support positions, so if you or someone you know lives in the Tyler area and might be a good fit, we encourage you to visit the Patriot Mobile careers page and apply! We have already started hiring in Tyler and will continue to add staff over the next three to six months. 

Patriot Mobile expands its nationwide cell phone service coverage

Patriot Mobile launched cell phone service on a third major network this month. Now our members can choose from all the major carriers in the U.S. This will only enhance the coverage our members receive from Patriot Mobile, whether they are in the heart of a city or in a more remote location. 

Patriot Mobile offers a performance guarantee. If a member is not fully satisfied with one network, they can switch for free to another of the networks we offer. Our team is here to assist in that transition.  

With such rapid growth, we’ve experienced growing pains. We will continue to staff up so that every person who calls in receives an answer from our friendly support team in a timely manner. We are listening to our members daily, taking feedback, implementing improved systems, and adding staff so that we can deliver an exceptional experience for our members. 

Thank you to all our members and sponsors who’ve helped Patriot Mobile grow to where we are today, and for spreading the word about our Christian conservative mission!  

Because God has blessed our business, last year, we were able to give more than $500k to organizations that are fighting for our God-given Constitutional rights and freedoms. This year, we’re on track to give more than $2 million!  

“All glory goes to Him,” CEO Glenn Story said. “We’re grateful God is using Patriot Mobile to be a blessing to others.” 

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