Patriot Mobile Enters Racing Sports

Patriot Mobile is excited to announce our entrance into the racing sports industry. At Patriot Mobile, we are always looking to expand into new business territories and the racing sports arena is a natural fit. We look forward to reaching Americans who follow and participate in racing sports as this audience includes many patriots who share our traditional, conservative values.

Patriot Mobile was proud to partner with Public Square, Good Ranchers, Bison Coolers, and others to sponsor the PublicSq. No. 51 Ford Mustang in the NASCAR Cup Series at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. Being a featured sponsor alongside several other patriotic businesses was an amazing opportunity! It is clear the red economy is growing. “Patriot Mobile is excited to get involved in the NASCAR circuit,” said Glenn Story, Patriot Mobile’s Chief Executive Officer. “NASCAR fans are true patriots who love this country and represent the best America stands for. We can’t see a better value alignment than NASCAR and Patriot Mobile.”

Patriot Mobile Founder and CEO, Glenn Story, with the crew

While NASCAR is the most popular motorsports series, the less well-known rallycross racing has been gaining popularity over the last decade. Participation is steadily on the rise and it’s easy to see why. Rallycross is an exciting, action-packed sport that is both accessible and affordable. The cars are relatively inexpensive to build and maintain and can be street-legal. Best of all, rallycross events are held at many different types of venues from dirt tracks to racetracks.

Patriot Mobile is proud to sponsor the Patriot IROC-Z, driven by Rallycross driver Wade May. When this opportunity arose, we readily jumped in to sponsor Wade’s car, covering it in a Patriot Mobile wrap! Wade is our Director of Enterprise Sales. We are glad to support our employees in this industry. “I’m very excited and extremely grateful that Patriot Mobile made the decision to sponsor Mayday Motorsports and the Patriot 76 IROC-Z,” said Wade. “Now we’re promoting Christian conservative values every time we hit the track and our followers have the opportunity to join us!”

Wade May with North Texas Rallycross
Wade and Monica May driving the Patriot IROC-Z

Keep an eye out for Patriot Mobile’s future sponsorships!

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