Patriot Mobile Joins Thousands Of Patriots At CPAC

This month, Patriot Mobile proudly sponsored CPAC in Dallas, Texas. We gathered with thousands of fellow patriots, rallying around the theme, “Fire Pelosi, Save America!

Attendees heard from some of the most prominent leaders in America, including President Donald Trump, Congressman Jim Jordan, Senator Ted Cruz, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity. As we head into the midterm elections in November, we also had the opportunity to hear from Republican candidates running for office. Republican nominee for Governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, and Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan, Tudor Dixon, both gave electrifying speeches to an applauding crowd, ready for a November red wave.

Lt. Gov. of North Carolina, Mark Robinson, speaks at CPAC
Congressman Jim Jordan speaks at CPAC
Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan, Tudor Dixon, speaks at CPAC

While we have sponsored several CPAC conferences, this was the first one that Patriot Mobile’s Co-Founder and CEO, Glenn Story, took the stage. He spoke on the CPAC panel, “Making Woke Go Broke” with Parler CEO, George Farmer, and Founder of Ace Specialties, Christl Mahfouz. Story had the chance to talk about how Patriot Mobile is providing a conservative alternative to the woke mobile providers. Most importantly, Story shared how God is at the center of Patriot Mobile. “It’s amazing what God has done when you put him first,” he said. “God has just continued to bless us and we boldly stand out in front and say we’re a Christian, conservative organization.” What a blessing it was to share Patriot Mobile’s story with thousands of patriots! (No pun intended)

Patriot Mobile Co-Founder and CEO, Glenn Story, speaks at CPAC
CEO Glenn Story at CPAC 2022

The word about Patriot Mobile is getting out! Christian artist, Natasha Owens, gave a moving concert at the conference, performing music from her new album “American Patriot.” We love how she supported Patriot Mobile on stage by wearing a custom-designed dress by Desi Designs Couture, adorned with Patriot Mobile’s logo!

Natasha Owens performs at CPAC

As a Presenting Sponsor, Patriot Mobile had a prominent booth in the exhibit hall, where our team talked with thousands about our mission-driven company. Our booth was one of the busiest with various book signings and interviews with special guests.

On Thursday, we were honored to host Dr. Ben Carson for an exclusive signing of his children’s book, ‘Why America Matters.’ Visitors to our booth had the chance to meet Dr. Carson and have him autograph their books, complimentary of Patriot Mobile.

Dr. Ben Carson book signing at Patriot Mobile booth

That weekend, we also hosted Senator Ted Cruz for a book signing of his bestseller, ‘One Vote Away.’ We were also honored that his father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, joined us to welcome guests at the booth. Pastor Rafael leads our weekly Bible study at the Patriot Mobile headquarters every Tuesday at noon.

Senator Ted Cruz with Pastor Rafael Cruz at Patriot Mobile book signing

During the conference, Patriot Mobile interviewed many leading voices in the conservative movement at our booth. Leigh Wambsganss, VP of Government and Public Affairs at Patriot Mobile, went in-depth with investigative journalist Jack Posobiec who is on the front lines of some of the biggest stories happening in America right now. They talked about his groundbreaking book, “The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc,” where he uncovers the secret history of the radical anarchist group and shares his encounters with some of its most hardcore and violent members.

Leigh Wambsganss interviews Jack Posobiec

Wambsganss also interviewed Jaco Booyens about the border and how the Biden Administration’s open border policies are enabling sex traffickers to traffic and enslave tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of children into America via the Southern border. Booyens refers to these most vulnerable children as “ghost children” as they disappear into our interior to endure horrific treatment at the hands of these traffickers. Booyens is the founder of SHAREtogether, and Jaco Booyens Ministries, a non-profit organization fighting against the global crisis of sex trafficking. He also shared advice for parents on how to keep their children safe from online predators.

Furthermore, Patriot Mobile’s Glenn Story and Leigh Wambsganss were guests on Steve Bannon’s popular show, War Room. Story shared what makes Patriot Mobile different from other mobile companies. Wambsganss, who is also Executive Director of Patriot Mobile Action, talked about Patriot Mobile Action’s school board wins and how they’re taking back America’s schools. The PAC won 11 out of 11 school board seats in the last election cycle. “What this means is that now in North Texas, over 100,000 students who, before May, had leftist leadership now have conservative leadership!” she explained.

We are so honored to have been a part of CPAC Texas. We loved meeting so many patriotic Americans from all over the country and sharing our mission to save America! We hope you’ll join us at CPAC next year!

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