Patriot Mobile Proudly Sponsors Dallas Safari Club Convention for Wildlife Conservation

January 11-14 – Patriot Mobile was honored to sponsor the Dallas Safari Club Convention and Sporting Expo, held in Dallas, Texas. This annual event is a significant gathering for Americans who share a common mission – the conservation of wildlife and the protection of our constitutional rights.

The Dallas Safari Club (DSC) is a mission-focused conservation organization powered by the dedication and contributions of hunters from around the world. Each year, the DSC Convention serves as a platform to raise funds for vital grants in the areas of conservation, education, and advocacy. Patriot Mobile recognizes the importance of such initiatives and is delighted to contribute to the ongoing efforts of this remarkable organization.

This year’s convention spanned an impressive 800,000 square feet, hosting over 850 vendors, making it a hunter’s dream to spend four days perusing the vast array of offerings that cater to every aspect of their passion for the great outdoors.

“Connecting with like-minded Americans at the Dallas Safari Club Convention was an inspiring experience for the Patriot Mobile team,” Glenn Story, Patriot Mobile’s CEO said. “We were thrilled to engage with Americans who understand the significance of responsible hunting, wildlife preservation, and the importance of safeguarding our constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment.”

Scott Coburn, Patriot Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, had the honor of sharing about his love for hunting and his commitment to conservation at Friday’s “Education Night” dinner. “As I was growing up, I experienced so many incredible memories hunting and fishing with my dad and my grandfather,” said Coburn. “During those times, it never once occurred to me that one day someone might try to take those things away from me or that I might not have the same opportunities to experience them with my own children and grandchildren. But sadly, that is exactly what is happening today in our country.  And that is why Patriot Mobile chooses to support DSC and conservation in general.”

Scott Coburn, Patriot Mobile's CMO, speaks at Dallas Safari Club dinner

A special highlight for Patriot Mobile was the visit from Donald Trump Jr. to our booth on Saturday. It was an honor to host a great patriot who shares our passion for the Second Amendment and wildlife conservation. Don Jr. generously donated several hunting trips to help fund the DSC. We were also happy to announce that Don Jr. is proudly on Patriot Mobile’s nationwide wireless service!

Donald Trump Jr. using Patriot Mobile's wireless service on his iPhone 15

Patriot Mobile extends our gratitude to the Dallas Safari Club for hosting such an outstanding event bringing together avid hunters from around the country. As we continue to stand united in our commitment to responsible hunting and the Second Amendment, Patriot Mobile looks forward to future collaborations and opportunities to make a positive impact on the conservation landscape.

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