Patriot Mobile Stands for Life: Partnering with Lifeline Children’s Ministries

In the wake of the landmark decision overturning Roe v. Wade, expectant mothers facing unplanned pregnancies need our help now more than ever. Lifeline Children’s Ministries have become a beacon of hope for thousands of women, providing support, hope, and love to help them choose life.

Lifeline Children’s Ministries is a faith-based organization guided by the biblical principle found in James 1:27, which calls on believers to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Lifeline operates with the mission to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to these children by providing pro-life, pro-love services, including child and family support, adoption, foster care, global orphan care, and counseling.

On November 16, Patriot Mobile proudly co-sponsored Lifeline’s Share the Story Banquet, celebrating adoption as a beautiful picture of the gospel. That evening, we heard several moving testimonies from women and families impacted by the ministry of Lifeline. Keynote speaker Dehavilland Ford shared the story of her adoption and how she came to Christ. “I’m the God who made you and no life is a mistake. I knew the plan I had for you even in your mother’s womb,” she heard God say. “I want to reveal to you that I am the God who made you and your life has purpose. Your life has an assignment. It doesn’t matter if you were swimming down the stream of the foster care system. I’ve got a better plan for you!

Dehavilland Ford speaks at Lifeline banquet

Herbie Newell, CEO of Lifeline, spoke to the attendees about what Lifeline has accomplished. “As a ministry, we reach vulnerable women who are going through unplanned, unwanted, sometimes very crisis situations. As a ministry, we want to bring hope to come alongside those young women and say that being pro-life is not just about being pro-baby, being pro-life is about being pro-woman, loving on women and loving on families.” For over four decades, Lifeline has been actively involved in facilitating adoption, serving over 10,000 families, and placing more than 4,000 children into loving homes. Understanding that adoption is not always the best option, Lifeline also provides counseling and educational support aimed at healing and restoring biological families. In addition, Lifeline goes beyond national borders, caring for over 2,000 orphans worldwide who cannot be adopted, striving to fulfill the mandate of James 1:27 on a global scale.

Herbie Newell, CEO of Lifeline Children's Ministries

As November marks National Adoption Month, Lifeline emphasizes the beauty of adoption as a powerful reminder of God’s redemptive love. Herbie Newell stopped by the Patriot Mobile studio to share the significance of adoption with Danielle Buck, Patriot Mobile’s VP of Strategic Partnerships.

As a Christian company, Patriot Mobile stands firmly in our commitment to the sanctity of life. We are honored to partner with Lifeline Children’s Ministries in their mission to care for vulnerable women, babies, and families in a post-Roe America. Together, we can make a difference in fostering a pro-life, pro-love culture that values life!

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