Patriot Mobile Thrives in The Red Economy as It Celebrates 10 Years

In America today, Christians and conservatives are facing unprecedented attacks. It seems that every week we hear news stories of truth-tellers being marginalized, censored, or canceled.

One glaring example is the case of Christian inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic, a man born without limbs, who has inspired millions with his message of hope and faith. His bank decided to cancel his accounts, citing unspecified “business reasons.” “I’m no terrorist. I pay my bills on time. I’m actually a great customer. But inexplicably, the bank no longer wanted my business,” said Vujicic. “If they can do this to us, they will do it to you if you step out of line. It’s only a matter of time.”

This is just one instance of a much larger pattern where major corporations and big tech companies are actively working to cancel and silence patriots, all while pushing leftist ideologies that are destroying our Constitutional Republic. With our nation hanging in the balance, we must do all we can to push back.

There is a solution. In this political and economic war, we must understand that merely voting at the ballot box is no longer enough. We must also fight back with our wallets. We saw major successes this past year with conservatives leading the charge to boycott woke companies like Target, Disney, and Bud Light. These corporations lost billions in revenue as a direct result of our efforts because patriotic Americans decided enough is enough!

One message is clear: instead of padding the pockets of woke companies, it’s time to redirect our money to America First companies that align with our values. We must support the Red Economy by creating or buying from businesses built on American values.

This isn’t just philosophy. We’ve proven this model. In 2013, Glenn Story, our Founder and CEO, founded Patriot Mobile to offer patriots a conservative alternative in the wireless space. For the last ten years, Patriot Mobile has been America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider. We provide dependable nationwide 4G and 5G wireless coverage with 100% US-based customer support. But while other companies shout their allegiance to leftist ideology, we proudly stand by our Christian conservative beliefs.

Glenn Story shares about Patriot Mobile at TPUSA's AmericaFest 2022

“We put God first. He’s in charge of our company. He is at the helm. We’re his stewards and everything we do is for biblical causes,” said Story recently at the Great Awakening Project’s panel discussion on ‘Values-Centric Economy.’ “I believe in our founders. I believe in biblical principles, and I believe that when you put those in your business, you’ll succeed. And I know that firsthand.”

In fact, in the last year, Patriot Mobile has grown 45% in membership. We’ve expanded to launch a business-to-business channel, a partner affiliate program, and a Hispanic channel. We are now venturing beyond wireless services with the recent launch of Patriot Mobile Rx, a subscription-based pharmacy program. And we’re just getting started!

Instead of big tech companies giving their profits to fund leftist causes, Patriot Mobile gives a portion of every dollar earned to actively support organizations fighting for our God-given constitutional rights and freedoms. “We support four initiatives: The First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the right to life, and our military and first responders,” said Story. In 2022, our company gave more than $2 million to these causes. Our members can rest assured their money is going to fight for their freedoms, not against them.

Patriot Mobile stands as a testament to the Red Economy movement. Together, we can pool our financial resources to defund the woke economy and instead fund the Red Economy fighting to save America. “The beauty of this is that the more we grow, the more we can donate, the more we can impact this country, and the more we can help organizations that believe in life and that believe in saving our country,” said Story.

With every dollar you spend, you have the opportunity to support your values. Your choices matter, now more than ever. Join the Red Economy and take a stand for your values, your wallet, and your freedom.

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