Renewal at the Border – A Humanitarian Event for Hope at the Texas Border

January 21, 2022, in Eagle Pass, Texas, Patriot Mobile joined Jaco Booyens Ministries and Mercury One for ‘Renewal at the Border’.

Hundreds gathered for prayer, food, fellowship, and worship on a privately owned pecan orchard adjacent to the Rio Grande River. This ministry event was multi-faceted. It was to support the border community devastated by the invasion of illegal migrants, as well as show appreciation to the Border Patrol, National Guard, and other first responders who risk their lives daily. Additionally, it was to continue filming a three-part documentary, ‘Borders to Bridges,’ which will be released later this year.

Jaco Booyens with Patriot Mobile and Mercury One

‘Renewal at the Border’ changed lives at the Texas Southern Border

More than 50 people in attendance responded to the gospel and gave their lives to the Lord that day. The majority were men who were palpably moved by the many pastors that gave messages of truth.

With a heart for this fatherless generation, Jaco Booyens challenged the men to step up in their God-given identity. “I want you to understand, we are dealing, in our nation, with the battle of identity…it’s about who you are in the eyes of God and what He created you to do,” he said.  “Men were created to hunt…you’re supposed to hunt injustice…you hunt it with the gospel, with truth, with love. You drive Satan out with love, and with the word of God.”

A local woman came to testify afterward that she had been praying for her husband to come to Jesus for many years and that this event was an answer to prayer. Her husband was one of those that accepted Christ as his personal savior that day. One teenage girl said she was feeling despondent and when she heard the praise and worship music, she quickly gathered her friends, and they spent the rest of the day at the event. She said the day was an answer to her prayers and that it meant a lot to know people outside Eagle Pass cared enough to come to serve the community.

The worship team from Upper Room Church in Dallas, Texas led the gathering in worship between messages, filling the atmosphere with song and praise that reverberated throughout the field and across the Rio Grande into Mexico. Several residents around the pecan orchard heard the worship music and joined the event.

Pastor Rafael Cruz, who leads weekly Bible studies at the Patriot Mobile headquarters, brought the Holy Spirit in his message. “Today there is a new time and a new day coming for light to brightly shine in you…God is saying, I’m going to use you to change this nation!”

At sunset, Pastor Cruz and Jaco Booyens led the group to the Rio Grande River to receive communion, pray and stake the land back for the landowners. They hammered stakes with Bible passages into the ground at the exact points where illegal immigrants come through, making a prophetic declaration that the land rightfully belongs to the landowners.

Jaco Booyens with Patriot Mobile and Mercury One
Pastor Rafael Cruz with border patrol

‘Renewal at the Border’ brings hope

This is the fourth time the Patriot Mobile team has been to the border with Jaco Booyens Ministries to film the documentary and donate supplies to local law enforcement. During this trip, Patriot Mobile also donated hundreds of Spanish and English Bibles to those that attended the Renewal and to a church that had lost all its Bibles due to water damage from a fire.

“Not only did we have an incredible opportunity to minister to those that came to the event, but we also loaded up our vehicles and delivered food directly to first responders unable to come to us because they were on duty that day,” said Glenn Story, Patriot Mobile’s Chief Executive Officer. “What’s happening at the border is heartbreaking. There’s nothing like actually going down to the border yourself and speaking directly to the residents and law enforcement who are being hurt the most by the border situation.”

Pitmasters from Operation Barbecue Relief prepared over 2,500 award-winning barbeque meals for the event. A caravan of volunteers took barbeque meals to various border patrol stations, checkpoints, and even a baseball fundraiser supporting struggling border patrol families.

'Renewal at the Border' volunteers deliver food to border patrol
Patriot Mobile hands out free bibles

The US Southern Border is in Crisis

The invasion of over 5 million illegal immigrants is largely responsible for the increase in human trafficking, murder, drug trafficking, violent crime, damaged property, lost livestock, and homelessness. One border Sheriff’s department released a statement asking all Texas counties and bordering states to send help in the form of manpower, equipment, and supplies. Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe says since 2021, illegal aliens have wreaked havoc in their communities including homes being broken into in the middle of the night, local schools being forced to erect military barricades around campuses to protect students, and that residents can no longer go out after dark. When volunteers with ‘Renewal at the Border’ asked another sheriff in attendance what his immediate need was, he responded, “I need body bags for the migrants we find dead along the border”.

“Spending time with the border patrol agents was eye-opening,” said Jenny Story, Patriot Mobile’s Chief Operating Officer. “Law enforcement told us story after story of heartbreaking situations, including one man begging a border agent for help because the cartel killed his wife and had his daughter and there was nothing the agents could do. The land we were holding the event on is where literally dozens of bodies had been found.”

Border patrol agents experience unimaginable situations. They are expected to protect the border with their hands tied by federal policy and little support. Suicides are skyrocketing in the Customs and Border Protection agency. Agents feel abandoned by the Biden administration and in Texas, little is being done to help by state lawmakers.

‘Borders to Bridges’ documentary

Patriot Mobile is honored to sponsor, along with Mercury One, a new documentary by Jaco Booyens Ministries called ‘Borders to Bridges’. This powerful new documentary will shine the light of truth on what is really happening at Texas’ southern border. Expected to be released this Spring, it aims to expose the deep-rooted corruption, lies, and criminal activity occurring at the border.

The open border has created an entire human trafficking industry the cartel has capitalized on. Jaco Booyens, producer of ‘Borders to Bridges’, and a world-renowned speaker and expert on combatting the global crisis of human trafficking, spoke candidly about the situation. “I’ve been fighting human trafficking for 28 years,” he said. “We are the number one nation on earth commercializing sex with children.”

Since the Biden administration took office two years ago, his Administration has refused to enforce federal immigration laws and provide law enforcement with the resources needed to secure Texas’ southern border. Biden’s policies, including halting the border wall construction and suspending deportations, are wreaking havoc on southern border communities, and the ripple effect is nationwide. 

Subsequently, Texas lawmakers, charged with protecting Texans since the Biden administration refuses to do so, are not living up to their campaign promises of protecting the border. In 2021 and 2022, Texas seized enough fentanyl to kill well over 200 million people.

This documentary will shine the light of truth on the border crisis. Stay tuned, we will advertise this documentary to our members closer to the release date.

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