Midterm Elections 2022: Tarrant County Texas Remains the Largest Red County in the Nation

While America is still counting election results, the largest red county in the nation is celebrating. Why? Because after being told it was impossible, hard work paid off and Tarrant County stayed Red!

Tarrant county elections in recent years

Democrats and political pundits claimed Tarrant had turned blue when Ted Cruz lost to Beto in Tarrant County in his 2018 senate race and then President Trump lost Tarrant County, Texas in 2020 by less than one percent (both candidates won statewide). Liberals cheered that they had turned Tarrant blue even though Republicans won every county wide race and maintained their Republican Sheriff, Republican judges, and most down ballot races.

While Republicans still won the Tarrant County down ballot races in 2018 and 2020, those winning margins were slim and getting tighter. In fact, extrapolating the diminishing winning margins over the past three general elections, political pundits predicted that Tarrant County was a lost cause.

Flag of Tarrant County, TX
Flag of Tarrant County, TX

Then the grassroots woke up

Between the 2020 general and the 2022 midterms, a major cultural phenomenon was brought to light by COVID-19 school shut-downs. During this time, parents discovered the indoctrination of radical racial and sexual ideology in their children’s schools. The movement to fight this indoctrination was sparked in Southlake, Texas when parents stood up and fought to take their schools back. It created a ripple that was felt across the nation. The bright light of truth revealed and defeated the lies of the gas lighting “racecard” (weapon of choice of the left). As a result, conservatives started winning their school boards back. Another discovery during this fight for parental rights was how much money the left was pouring into these local races, from some of the most notorious leftist billionaires in the nation.

Enter Patriot Mobile executives who formed a Texas political action committee: Patriot Mobile Action

Before the ink was dry on formation documents, Patriot Mobile Action’s (PMA) first target was securing conservative majorities on school boards in the May 2022 school board races. PMA’s first victory was winning 11 of 11 Tarrant County school board races, securing conservative majorities in four school districts, impacting over 100,000 north Texas students. Patriot Mobile LLC transparently donated over $500,000 to Patriot Mobile Action for these 11 campaigns, which was highly criticized in the national press. Where criticism was lacking, however, was toward the out of state money funding nonprofits that were actively engaged in leftist ideology in schools’ curriculum and school politics.

Patriot Mobile Action Targets Texas Midterm

The day after these school board elections were over, Patriot Mobile Action pivoted and focused on the upcoming midterm General Elections. It was a HUGE undertaking. 43 state and county candidates had well-funded democrat opponents who had the media in their back pockets. Out of state billionaires poured millions into Texas. Not only did they target the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general office but they went after two of the most highly coveted and important county races:  the County Judge and District Attorney. The County Judge is basically the mayor of the county and has the authority to mask students, shut down schools, and close businesses and churches. This position oversees and funds the jail, courts, and the elections department. The District Attorney determines whether a county will be hard on crime or let criminals walk.  Leftist billionaires knew if they controlled these two positions, they would control law enforcement, the courts, and elections. The Left targeted Tarrant County vigorously.

Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth, TX

Why does Tarrant County matter? It is the largest red county left in the nation.

Patriot Mobile Action needed to go on the offensive to save Tarrant County. Tarrant County is larger than 15 states and the largest red county left in the nation. With 40 electoral votes, if Texas turns blue, there could be no Republican president in 2024.

Patriot Mobile LLC poured another quarter million dollars into the Patriot Mobile Action PAC and several donors joined in the effort. Utilizing these resources, Patriot Mobile Action deployed its proven Get Out The Vote (“GOTV”) strategy into the 2022 general midterm election. Hundreds of thousands of mailers were sent to rally potential voters to the polls to vote by:

  • Publicizing the Tarrant County Sheriff’s seizure of enough pure fentanyl to kill a million people
  • Exposing the illegal aliens housed at the Tarranty County jail for sex trafficking and the sex crimes against children
  • Highlighting how liberal DA’s across the nation are unleashing violent crime on their communities
  • Sharing a Fort Worth police video of a homeless man stating that he was paid for ballots collected from the elderly by the ‘then’ Tarrant County Democrat Party Chair, who was currently the Democrat candidate for County Judge
  • Educating voters that the County Judge position is one of the most powerful in the county as it oversees the jail, the courts, and elections

PMA unleashed hundreds of thousands of digital messages echoing these inconvenient truths. Patriot Mobile Action also utilized well-educated foot soldiers to speak to tens of thousands of voters on their front porches.

It was a relentless effort that paid off….conservatives WON Tarrant County!

Shortly after 7pm on Election Night, the election results revealed that every statewide and countywide conservative candidate in Tarrant County had won. Months upon months of work, including countless late nights, endless prayers and exhaustive action paid off. Patriot Mobile Action is under-resourced compared to out of state billionaires pouring millions into Texas. What the Patriot Mobile Action team has is heart, commitment, and dedication to preserve Texas’ conservative roots.

Above all, God gets the glory and as long as He is willing, Patriot Mobile Action will continue to fight for our God-given Constitutional rights.

Pol. Adv. Paid for by Patriot Mobile Action

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