TPUSA’S AmericaFest 2022 – Patriot Mobile Celebrates with 10,000 Patriots

In December, Patriot Mobile proudly participated in Turning Point USA’s largest event of the year, AmericaFest! This four-day conference drew over 10,000 patriots from every state to celebrate our constitutional rights and freedoms, inspiring hope for America’s future.

During the general session, we heard from some of the most influential voices in the conservative movement, including Charlie Kirk, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Candace Owens, Kari Lake, Donald Trump Jr., and many more.

Patriot Mobile’s CEO, Glenn Story, took the stage to share the Christian conservative mission of our company. “When you put God first, you can’t lose!” said Story.

As a main sponsor, Patriot Mobile had one of the busiest booths in the exhibit hall. We loved hosting the speakers and special guests at our booth for various book signings and interviews. We were honored to host Dennis Prager at our booth for a special signing of his book, “Deuteronomy.” Our guests loved meeting Dennis and getting their free, signed copy, complimentary from Patriot Mobile.

Investigative journalist Jack Posobiec kindly spent some time at our booth doing a special book signing for our guests. 100 lucky attendees met Jack and received a free, signed copy of his book, “The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc.”

Donald Trump Jr. joined us for exclusive interviews with our CEO, Glenn Story, and VP of Public Affairs, Leigh Wambsganss. “Whether it’s in the economy, whether it’s in the news, support companies that share your values. Glenn Story is doing it… these are great people supporting great businesses, supporting patriots like you,” he said. We love that Don Jr. supports America First companies like Patriot Mobile!

War Room host, Steve Bannon, stopped by our booth for a heartfelt interview. Our CMO, Scott Coburn, even had the opportunity to pray for Steve and all the attendees at AmericaFest!

Thanks to Mercury One’s American Journey Experience team for joining us at our booth! Our guests loved viewing original artifacts from historic moments in American history.

The response we received at AmericaFest was incredible! We loved meeting all the attendees who came by the Patriot Mobile booth to learn about America’s ONLY Christian, conservative wireless provider. The red economy is growing! Patriots are ready to dump their woke mobile and switch to Patriot Mobile like never before. We helped so many patriots switch to our service, even on top of a trash bin, as we did for one family!  “We’re trashing our woke mobile!” they said.

We are so inspired by what Charlie Kirk and the entire Turning Point USA team are doing to educate and train the next generation of conservative leaders. The organization just celebrated its ten-year anniversary, and within this time, it has chartered over 1,100 TPUSA chapters on college and high school campuses, engaging 100,000 students annually. It’s held some of the biggest conservative events in the nation, training tens of thousands of young patriots. They’ve launched outreaches to the Hispanic, Jewish, and black communities. And we’re especially thankful it is now engaging, equipping, and empowering the church to become invested in the future of America through TPUSA Faith.

TPUSA is setting even higher goals for the future. Charlie Kirk’s vision is to move 10 million young people to hold conservative views by 2025. We’re here for it! That’s why we’re excited to continue and increase our support of TPUSA in the new year!

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