Urgent Call to Pray for SCOTUS Abortion Pill Case on March 26

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is set to hear oral arguments in the most significant abortion case since the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Alliance Defending Freedom (one of the causes Patriot Mobile supports) is representing several pro-life groups and physicians who are petitioning the court to hold the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accountable for unlawfully removing critical safety standards for pregnant women who use the dangerous abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol.

We are asking all Patriot Mobile members and followers to join us in prayer for the March 26 oral arguments and the eventual SCOTUS decision.

The danger of chemical abortion drugs

Today, chemical abortions make up over 80% of all abortions in America. Yet these abortion drugs can be life-threatening for pregnant women and lethal for babies. The FDA even acknowledges that one in 25 women who take the drugs will need emergency room care! Women and babies’ lives are at stake. The FDA has only made it easier to obtain the abortion drugs online, no longer requiring any office visits with a doctor.  

The SCOTUS decision will determine whether our government will prioritize the health and safety of women and babies or will allow the FDA to continue putting lives at risk in order to protect the abortion industry’s profits.

Urgent prayer for SCOTUS oral arguments and decision

Council for Life (a pro-life organization Patriot Mobile supports) has put together a prayer guide. Pray specifically for:

The health and safety of the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, ADF and all the pro-life attorneys, doctors and clients participating in oral arguments; that they are able to prepare and make their arguments with divine wisdom, clarity, discernment and persuasiveness to overcome the FDA’s and Danco’s appeals.

  • The truth to be revealed that the intended purpose of Mifepristone is to destroy the life of a child.
  • The truth to be revealed that pregnancy is not a disease and abortion is not healthcare.
  • The truth to be revealed about the inherent, serious risks to women of chemical abortion pills.
  • The ruling to prohibit pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens from dispensing chemical abortion pills.
  • The truth to be revealed about Abortion Pill Reversal, available to women who have taken the first dose of the abortion pill Mifepristone, immediately regret their decision and wish to reverse the effects.
  • The health and safety of all of the Justices and that they will receive the truth in their hearts and minds to prioritize the protection of both mothers and their unborn children.

Dangerous complications from chemical abortions

Dangerous complications from chemical abortions occur at a much higher rate than surgical abortions.

  • Risks include incomplete abortion, septic shock, future miscarriage and stillbirth, excessive bleeding, and hemorrhaging and death from undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy.
  • Mifepristone is often used well beyond the FDA approved gestation period of 10-weeks.
  • Risks increase because women do not have an in-person doctor’s visit, miscalculate how far along they are in their pregnancy and lack medical supervision.
  • Up to one in five women will experience complications from chemical abortion pills.
  • Women are flooding Emergency Rooms across the nation with life threatening injuries from chemical abortion pills.
  • Women are uninformed about the trauma they will experience from at-home chemical abortions when they see their deceased baby.
  • Women are at serious risk of covert forced abortions from sex traffickers, boyfriends and husbands, parents or other abusers who obtain the deadly pills.

Common Sense FDA Safeguards

While Patriot Mobile believes life begins at conception, given the indoctrination of our youth and the Left’s mass pro-choice propaganda for decades and now “reproductive freedom” campaign, it will take time to educate our country on the value and absoluteness of life. Thus, to the extent that states allow access to the abortion pills, SCOTUS should affirm the Fifth Circuit ruling and reinstate these critical, common sense FDA safeguards:

  • No chemical abortion pills sent through the mail.
  • Chemical abortion pills allowed only to the 7th week of pregnancy rather than the 10th week.
  • Three in-person doctor’s office visits required.
  • Physicians must administer chemical abortion pills in person.
  • Providers must report non-fatal adverse events.

Without these safeguards, more women will be emotionally, physically and spiritually hurt by the adverse side effects of the abortion pill and more babies lives will be terminated.

“Patriot Mobile is Pro-Life and Pro-Love,” said Jenny Story, Patriot Mobile’s Chief Operations Officer in a press release in August 2023. “We support many organizations that are providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support for moms in crisis pregnancies. Today there are so many options that will allow mothers facing unplanned pregnancies to choose life. You can go to Patriot Mobile’s website to the causes page to see several that we support like Embrace Grace, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Students for Life of America, and the Council for Life, to name just a few.” 

Please join us in prayer!

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