FlashPoint Live Truth and Freedom Tour Inspires Action to Take America Back

What is FlashPoint Live Truth and Freedom Tour?

On February 17, Leigh Wambsganss, Chief Communications Officer at Patriot Mobile and Executive Director of Patriot Mobile Action, had the honor of speaking at the FlashPoint Live Truth and Freedom Tour in Pensacola, Florida.

FlashPoint is a Victory Channel show providing commentary on current events from a Christian, conservative viewpoint. Looking at news from both the natural and spiritual perspectives, host Gene Bailey gives a unique, prophetic view of what’s happening in our world.

The FlashPoint Live Truth and Freedom Tour is making several stops around the nation in 2023, with the goal of equipping Christians to become engaged and active in the political process in their local communities.

Gene Bailey speaks at FlashPoint Live Truth and Freedom Tour

Why is FlashPoint Live necessary?

For too long, Christians have retreated from politics, with disastrous results. As there are no spiritual vacuums on this earth, the enemy has come in like a flood, taking over the governance of our local schools, communities, states, and nation. Marxist leftist policies are now being implemented from the local level to the federal level, stripping Americans of their God-given constitutional rights and freedoms. As Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” The events of the last few years have woken up many Christians who now understand that the times call for us to take action like never before.

An impressive lineup of speakers spoke to a packed assembly of over 2,000 people at Brownsville Church during the two-day event. Pastor Mark Burns, Rick Green, Mike Lindell, Patriot Mobile’s Leigh Wambsganss, and others equipped the attendees on various topics including how to run for precinct chair, how to run for your local school board, how to manage political campaigns, and how to become a biblical citizen in modern America.

Leigh Wambsganss of Patriot Mobile speaks at Truth and Freedom Tour

FlashPoint Live speaker inspires local action to take America back

Named one of the ‘2022 Top 5 Power Players in North Texas’, Leigh Wambsganss drew from over 30 years of political experience to educate and train the audience in taking back their local school board and winning elections. Co-founder of the Southlake Families PAC, Wambsganss helped bring awareness to the infiltration of Critical Race Theory in our public schools nationwide. “As an American, you have a responsibility to get involved and take these school boards back because when you see Antifa marching in the streets – that is the result of decades of American public schools indoctrinating instead of educating,” said Wambsganss. “Conservatives walked away years ago and we allowed them to take over our culture by controlling our schools… but nothing is going to change until God’s people flip these school boards with candidates that will focus on education and keep politics out of the classroom.”

That’s exactly what Wambsganss and Southlake Families PAC did, making national headlines when conservative candidates won in a landslide victory in the city of Southlake. “We had the largest voter turnout in the history of our city,” said Wambsganss. “We flipped two school board seats, we won two council seats and our mayor seat, and we took all five seats on the ballot by a 70/30 margin.”

Continuing the fight to win back our school boards, Wambsganss became the Executive Director of Patriot Mobile Action in early 2022. “Patriot Mobile Action believes to save America, we must save our public schools,” she said. In its first year, the newly formed PAC won 11 of 11 targeted school board races in Tarrant County, Texas, resulting in over 100,000 north Texas students now having conservative leadership! Patriot Mobile Action then went on to play a critical role in securing conservative victories in the November midterm elections, helping to keep Tarrant County, Texas red.

The victories have been hard won, but not without persecution. “I need to tell you – not to scare you – but to prepare you for what is absolutely going to happen when you stand up to this evil,” said Wambsganss. She recounted how she has received countless violent threats, with leftists driving by her house with bullhorns screaming her children’s names. One time she even had to escort a CNN news crew out of her living room at a private event. “Expect the attacks, put on the full armor of God – and keep going!” she said.

Getting started - steps to take America back

Wambsganss has received hundreds of emails and requests from everyday Americans asking what they can do. “The bottom line is there is no magic bullet,” she said. “This is a lot of work. But our children are worth it. America is worth it.”

Wambsganss laid out several steps on where to start:

  1. Educate yourself on issues in YOUR community. You cannot fight an enemy you cannot define
  2. Compile EVIDENCE. No one believes what you say; you must PROVE it
  3. Build your army
  4. Organize and execute your campaign
  5. Follow up after the campaign

For those who don’t feel called to run for office, Wambsganss suggested many other ways to get involved including being a campaign manager, campaign volunteer, becoming an election judge or poll watcher, or becoming a precinct chair and serving on your local school district and city committees.

Ultimately, Christians have a civic duty to be politically engaged and vote for righteous leaders to govern us. The stakes are too high to continue to sit on the sidelines. We can take back these positions of authority to create positive change in our communities to save our nation!

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