Patriot Mobile Supports 2A – Encourages Women to Carry for Self-Defense

Since 2020, gun ownership has been on the rise among women. In fact, according to data from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, new gun owners today are more likely to be female.

Amidst the civil unrest of the last few years and violence and crime surging in America’s biggest cities, women are waking up to the fact that carrying a gun—and knowing how to use it skillfully—may be their best self-defense.

Research conducted by economist and scholar Dr. John Lott with the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that 76% of police chiefs and 94% of police officers support citizens owning and carrying guns. He points out that 94% of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones as criminals purposely target groups of people who can’t defend themselves. Gun control advocates often spread the false narrative that America is at the top of the list for gun violence around the world. However, the real data reveals that the United States ranks just 67th in mass shootings globally. Dr. Lott’s bottom line? More law-abiding citizens with guns equal less crime.

Women are especially vulnerable in these dangerous situations. “The firearm is a woman’s great equalizer in her ability to protect herself and her family,” said Leigh Wambsganss, a Second Amendment advocate and Patriot Mobile’s Chief Communications Officer. Patriot Mobile proudly supports the NRA and its Refuse To Be A Victim Crime Prevention Program which teaches individuals of all ages personal safety strategies to protect themselves and their communities. “At Patriot Mobile, we know the key to our freedom is protecting our Second Amendment,” she said. “We know the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy or gal with a gun and at Patriot Mobile, the Second Amendment is non-negotiable.”

Leigh Wambsganss speaks at NRA Women New Energy Breakfast at NRA 2022

Gun control advocates fight to create gun-free zones, but this is not the answer. Nikki Goeser, Executive Director of the Crime Prevention Research Center shares her personal experience of being attacked in a gun-free zone in her book, “Stalked and Defenseless: How Gun Control Helped My Stalker Murder My Husband in Front of Me.” At the time, Nikki and her husband were both working at a restaurant that was a gun-free zone. As a law-abiding citizen, she had left her legal firearm she normally carried for self-defense locked inside her vehicle, in accordance with the gun-free policy. But the situation turned deadly when she was confronted by her stalker. The man first shot Nikki’s husband in the head and then walked up and shot him several more times in front of her as she stood screaming and powerless. They had no way of defending themselves. This experience woke her up. As a Second Amendment activist and victims’ rights advocate, she’s now transformed this tragedy into a passion to speak out against gun control.

Each year, over 1,000,000 law-abiding Americans use firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones. Unsung hero, Raul Mendez, saved the lives of his wife, children, and many others because he was conceal carrying. While Raul was celebrating freedom on Independence Day July 3, 2022 with his family and friends, an intruder walked in and opened fire striking Raul in the head through his left eye. He fell to the ground unconscious but quickly woke up to the screams of his family and friends. He regained consciousness, reached for his concealed weapon, and used it to put four shots in the shooter’s chest. Raul points out that if the gunman had killed his family, the national media would have put this story front and center to push the narrative that guns are evil. But since he survived by using his legal weapon to stop a deranged intruder, no news channels covered it. Raul now shares his story across the nation to bring awareness to the importance of our Second Amendment rights. “Evil will always exist,” said Raul. “And we are prepared to confront it with equal force now more than ever.”

Women can become empowered to protect themselves by exercising their Constitutional Second Amendment rights. Thankfully, our Founding Fathers understood that in a broken, fallen world, the people’s right to keep and bear arms must be secured. “[T]o preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them,” said Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the Declaration and a framer of the Second Amendment.

At Patriot Mobile, we acknowledge that the Second Amendment is fundamental to securing our safety and freedom in America. That’s why we will always defend the Second Amendment.

Patriot Mobile is proudly sponsoring the NRA Annual Meeting this year. Join us in Indiana from April 14-16!

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