Patriot Mobile Supports Embrace Grace: A Pro-Love Ministry

When a young, single woman becomes unexpectedly pregnant, the double lines on a pregnancy test do not usually elicit joy and celebration. Instead, this young woman is filled with despair, shame, and fear — fear of the future, fear of others finding out, and fear of abandonment and rejection.

Unfortunately, the church has not traditionally served these scared, hurting women well in this moment of crisis. Instead, churches have often shunned them and made them feel like they are undeserving of God’s forgiveness, love, and help. As a result, the news of an unwed mother’s unexpected pregnancy is not celebrated, but instead lamented over.

In these circumstances, the young women are driven to seek an abortion out of desperation. In fact, the statistics for women seeking abortion are the same inside and outside of the church.

Amy Ford, co-founder of pro-love ministry, Embrace Grace, experienced this firsthand when she unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of nineteen. Single and unwed, she panicked and scheduled an abortion, even though she had grown up in the church. At the appointment, Amy fainted and was sent home that day and asked to return the next day. This gave her time to reflect. Ultimately, Amy chose life and married the father of her baby. They have now been married for over twenty years.

Years later, at a women’s conference at her local church, Gateway Church, Amy felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do something to help young, single women who find themselves in similar unplanned pregnancies. She started a small group to encourage and minister to unwed pregnant women and provide for some of their physical needs by throwing baby showers to celebrate their pregnancies.

God would eventually call her to launch Embrace Grace to be the ministry she wishes she had had during her unexpected pregnancy. “Our dream is for every young woman who experiences an unplanned pregnancy to have a safe, welcoming church to turn to for healing, hope and support in her local area,” Ford says.

Patriot Mobile is a pro-life company. We are honored to set aside a portion of every dollar we earn to support pro-life organizations, including Embrace Grace. We love this ministry because not only is it pro-life, but it is also pro-love – love for the parents and the baby.

Officially launched in 2012, Embrace Grace, Inc. equips churches on how to love and support the single and pregnant young women in their communities. What began as one small group as grown to a ministry with groups that are now hosted in over 600 churches, 49 states and 10 countries! The ministry has over 670+ active support groups. 9,000+ women have been empowered through the program. It is such an incredible testimony of God goodness and redemption – redeeming Amy’s unplanned pregnancy and leading her to start a ministry that is saving thousands of precious babies today and supporting these women in their decision to choose life.

Embrace Grace says, “The church has a powerful opportunity to be a catalyst of change in a woman’s life as well as broaden their community outreach to help moms be brave.”

Several of Patriot Mobile’s employees were honored to visit the Embrace Grace headquarters in the Dallas, Texas area. The Embrace Grace team showed us the “love box” – a gift given to single young women who may be considering abortion. Each box includes a personal invitation to a church-hosted support group, Amy Ford’s moving book of testimonies, “A Bump In Life,” a letter of hope, a journal, and a onesie with ‘The Best Ever’ printed on the front. These love boxes are given at pregnancy resource centers across the country where there is a support group within 30 miles of the pregnant woman. These love boxes not only connect them with a supportive church but encourage them to be brave with love. What is so amazing about these love boxes is the stories that have come from them, and just the sheer number of boxes that have been distributed. As we walked through the fulfillment area, they shared that the ministry had sent out 1,900 love boxes the previous month!

The Patriot Mobile team was honored to pack 125 love boxes for expectant mothers. We prayed over the packaged boxes, asking God to bestow blessings upon the mothers and babies, that the mothers would feel God’s love, and be empowered to choose LIFE!

Patriot Mobile is proud to support the important work of Embrace Grace! To learn more about Embrace Grace and how you can get involved, visit their website at

We also encourage you to watch this documentary, ‘Abortion,’ produced by the LaBrant family, that features the Embrace Grace story.

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