Patriot Mobile Supports the Idaho Family Policy Center

August 23, 2023:  The Idaho Family Policy Center (IFPC) held its 2023 Standing with Conviction Gala in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where Patriot Mobile was the Presenting Sponsor. The event featured several speakers including IFPC President, Blaine Conzatti, former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, and Patriot Mobile’s Chief Communications Officer, Leigh Wambsganss.

“I’ve learned that patience and persistence pays off,” said Conzatti, referring to recent wins in Idaho laws that protect children from gender altering surgery and protect girls from allowing boys in their restrooms and locker rooms. “The wins you see today started many years ago, when we couldn’t even get some of these bills out of committee. But with perseverance and an unwillingness to surrender, today these bills are law in Idaho.”

Conzatti and his team relentlessly pursue every line of Idaho legislation to fight bad legislation and proactively write good legislation to build an Idaho where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

IFPC President, Blaine Conzatti, speaks at Standing with Conviction Gala

In parable story-telling style, Governor Mike Huckabee told the packed ballroom about his terrifying bobsledding experience. From hilarious details that had the crowd erupting in laughter, he ended with a solid message to never look back because what’s behind you doesn’t matter. He encouraged the crowd to be laser focused on the goals in front and strategically prepare for the fight.

Former AR Governor, Mike Huckabee

Leigh Wambsganss recognized the Patriot Mobile table full of first responders as well as all first responders in the room. They all stood to a roaring round of applause.

“You are what makes America great,” Wambsganss said. “Patriot Mobile is so honored to host this event that funds such important work. I encourage you to keep standing, keep praying, and keep supporting the work of this amazing organization.”

Patriot Mobile CCO, Leigh Wambsganss

The Idaho Family Policy Center’s mission is to engage the culture, train statesmen, and equip Christians and churches to advance the cultural commission. As the premier conservative Christian policy research and educational organization in Idaho, IFPC works to advance public policy that aligns with biblical values, promoting the sanctity of life, religious freedom, parental rights, biblical sexuality, and economic opportunity. Learn more about the Idaho Family Policy Center.

As America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider, Patriot Mobile proudly gives to organizations that defend our God-given constitutional rights and freedoms. We are honored to sponsor IFPC’s gala this year to support the good work this organization is doing in the great state of Idaho. Please consider switching to Patriot Mobile today, the only Christian conservative cellular service provider in America. We give a portion of every dollar we earn to Christian conservative causes.

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