Reflections on a Summer Internship at Patriot Mobile

Patriot Mobile was blessed to have several college students intern at our headquarters this summer. They gained hands-on experience in various facets of the business, including taking calls from our members in the Member Services department, learning marketing strategies, and participating in events representing our company. Braxton shares his reflections on spending the summer at Patriot Mobile, acquiring vital skills to prepare him for a future professional career.

My internship at Patriot Mobile provided a unique and valuable experience learning telecommunications, customer service, and marketing. I immersed myself in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, acquiring hands-on exposure to the world of mobile communication services with a patriotic twist.

I gained incredible insight into the company’s mission and values. With a focus on supporting Christian conservative causes and promoting socially responsible initiatives, we went through several weeks of training where I developed a deeper understanding of the company’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and positively impacting the mobile industry and our nation. This experience gave me a unique perspective on how businesses can align their services with ethical principles.

Working in the Member Services Department, I had the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of customers, each with their own inquiries, concerns, and feedback. I assisted customers with account-related questions, technical support, billing inquiries, and selecting mobile plans that best fit their needs. In doing so, I improved my communication skills and learned to navigate different scenarios while maintaining high professionalism and empathy. 

The call center can be one of the most crucial marketing areas, although it may not seem like it on the surface. Many people have expressed concerns about big wireless providers outsourcing their customer support overseas. This is not true at Patriot Mobile, where all the agents are US-based. When members call in, they speak directly with an American they can relate to. In my experience, various members have said this is one of their favorite things about our company, along with our conservative values. They have shared that all the representatives they’ve encountered are kind and understanding, which in turn causes them to rave about Patriot Mobile to their family and friends. I gained first-hand experience with how powerful word-of-mouth marketing is.

Within the Marketing department, I had the opportunity to work at several events, including the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas and the NASCAR Ally 400 race in Nashville, which proved to be extremely exciting experiences. Working in the marketing booth, I learned how to effectively engage with attendees, curious bystanders, and potential customers. Responsibilities included explaining Patriot Mobile’s unique value proposition, detailing its range of mobile plans, and showcasing the company’s dedication to contributing a portion of its proceeds to causes aligned with its customers’ values. This experience not only helped refine my communication skills but also gave me the chance to observe the power of persuasive sales and marketing techniques in a real-world setting.

Braxton participates in Turning Point USA's YWLS

As an intern, I also collaborated with the Marketing team on event planning, setting up visually appealing displays, distributing promotional materials, and organizing engaging activities to attract attendees. I learned behind-the-scenes insights into effective event marketing and the intricate balance between creativity and strategy.

I can genuinely say this internship was a rich learning experience, combining technical knowledge, customer service skills, marketing strategies, and ethical business practices. I’m grateful for the opportunity to develop professionally while contributing to Patriot Mobile, a company that values both its customers’ needs and our nation’s well-being.

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