Patriot Mobile Celebrates Today’s Announcement of Roe v. Wade Being Overturned

What does this decision mean?

Abortion is not abolished. The overturning of the unconstitutional 1973 Roe v Wade decision means the issue of legal abortion is sent back to the states for each state to decide individually.

Currently thirteen states have “trigger laws” meaning abortion will almost immediately be banned with today’s decision. Those thirteen states are Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

Five states with previous abortion bans can reportedly reinstate those bans with this decision out of the way. They are Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Reports indicate additional states could ban abortion at five to six weeks utilizing the fetal heartbeat bill.

What has Patriot Mobile been doing about life?

Since our 2013 founding, Patriot Mobile has given generously to pro-life organizations on the front lines saving babies from abortion and supporting mothers in crisis pregnancies. Pro-life organizations are standing ready to support these women and their babies. These are just some of the pro-life groups Patriot Mobile supports financially:

The Susan B. Anthony List, now called Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, combines politics with policy and has been working to rid this country of abortion. Their Her Pregnancy and Life Assistance Network, or Her PLAN, is helping pregnant women find medical, social, and material support they need to choose life. The massive project includes a database enabling users to more easily search for and obtain assistance.

Embrace Grace has over seven hundred active support groups and has already helped over 6,000 women choose life. As a Christian organization, Patriot Mobile supports Embrace Grace’s model to link women with supportive churches to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical assistance. Embrace Grace exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single and pregnant young women and their families. Their pro-love ministry is an action-oriented boots on the ground approach to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these women and their families.

Concerned Women for America has been standing for life in every state across the country for over 43 years. They educate and train women of all ages (including high school and college girls) about the sanctity of life. Their program: Young Women for America (YWA) equips the rising generation of Christian, conservative women to protect and promote Biblical values and conservative principles on campuses and in their communities. YWA chapters are not just educational, but also action oriented. They help pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies and teach young people about abstinence and sexual risk avoidance.

Students for Life of America has become one of the leading pro-life advocacy organizations on college, high school and graduate campuses providing support in tangible ways. They are on the front lines with their Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement providing scientifically sound opposition to abortion and informing young women of the truth of what abortion really is. Their Standing With You Initiative helps student parents embrace both their children and their education and empowers Students for Life groups to support their pregnant and parenting peers in tangible ways, serving over 1,000 women and families every year.

In addition to supporting pro-life organizations, Patriot Mobile hosts educational events to unveil the very real sexualization of children occurring in society, government, and the public school system. In 2022, Patriot Mobile hosted packed house viewings of the movies “Mind Polluters” and “Whose Children Are They” which reveal the deep seeded efforts to sexualize children in America, grooming children for sexual abuse and encouraging promiscuity.

Patriot Mobile is Pro-Life

Patriot Mobile is America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider. We are committed to providing our members dependable wireless service and exceptional support, while relentlessly fighting for our shared values. Patriot Mobile donates a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations that fight for the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Sanctity of Life and the needs of our Veterans and First Responders.

At Patriot Mobile, we know God creates all life. We take God’s word in Matthew 25:40 to heart as we stand to protect innocent life in the womb. We kneel in prayer and trust God’s word in Matthew 18:20 and invite you to join us in corporate prayer to end abortion in America.

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